Learning profiles

Learning profiles are a tool for showing skill gained over time.

Learning profiles are an important tool for modeling the learning process of children in school. They show the gains in learning that children make, on average, per school grade. Simply put: What are children learning over the course of their schooling experience?

A simple illustration of the principle behind learning profiles:

Graph showing learning accumulated over time

What can learning profiles tell us?

  • Learning profiles vary between different countries and student groups
  • Learning is shockingly low for most children, and learning profiles flatten out early. This means that many children stop learning much while they are still in primary school, before they have attained foundational literacy and numeracy.
  • Learning profiles are also useful in modeling future learning. Children enrolling in primary school today need to start learning more over a longer period of time for the world to be able to achieve the learning goals stipulated in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) ten years from now, in 2030.

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A short introduction to RISE's learning profiles work