RISE Annual Conference 2018


RISE is a large scale, multi-country research programme developed to answer the question: “How can education systems be reformed to deliver better learning for all?” The RISE Programme Annual Conferences bring together high-profile academics and policy makers for two days of…

What Does Low Learning Really Feel Like?

Luis Crouch illustrates what a lack of fluency means in real time to push "actors" into action.

What Does Low Learning Really Feel Like?

Source: Luis Crouch, using data from EGRA learning assessments and other publications, and taking a stylized average across sets of countries.


Using timed learning…

 Contracting Out Schools at Scale: Evidence from Pakistan
Working Paper

Can governments contract out the management of schools to private operators at scale? This paper estimates the effect of a school reform in Punjab, Pakistan…

Caine Rolleston presents Young Lives data at CIES 2018

At CIES in Mexico City, Young Lives held a panel session on inequality and inequity in learning opportunities and outcomes in Ethiopia, India, Vietnam, and…

Vietnam’s Exceptional Learning Success: Can We Do That Too?

The “Vietnam effect” shows that high education quality is possible even with lower income levels. Should other countries with similar income levels be…

Bad Assessments Are Bad for Learning

Are high-stakes examinations testing higher-order skills? Maryam Akmal looks at a recent RISE working paper that reviews examination instruments in primary…