RISE COVID-19 Learning Loss Simulations Featured in Report by Argentinos por la Educación

The report, titled “Estimation of learning losses related to the COVID-19 pandemic,” features RISE’s research on COVID-19 learning loss mitigation and makes the original RISE COVID-19 simulations available in Spanish.


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Carmen Belafi

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Lillie Kilburn

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A new report drawing on RISE research

Argentinos por la Educación, a civil society organisation with the goal of improving education in Argentina, recently published a report using RISE’s simulations of COVID-19 learning losses in various mitigation scenarios. The report includes a Spanish translation of the original learning loss simulations and dashboards.

Published on 16 June, the report highlights RISE’s finding that school closures lasting only a few months can have a vast, long-term impact on student learning. Even before the COVID-19 related school closures, many children were behind the level of the curriculum. As schools reopen and children re-enter school, curricula need to be adapted to children’s actual learning levels or many more will fall further behind and may eventually stop learning. Accordingly, the report recommends that a combination of short-term remediation and long-term reorientation is the best path to protecting children’s learning and mitigating learning loss.

In the words of RISE Research Fellow Michelle Kaffenberger, author of the RISE Insight on which the report was centred:

Our work shows that continued learning losses even after children return to school could be devastating for children's futures. But there is hope: with remediation and long-term system reforms that prioritise learning and universal foundational skills, education systems can come back from this crisis stronger.

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You can follow the conversation around the report in Argentina by taking a look at articles from the newspapers La Nación, Clarín, and La Voz del Interior, among others.

This RISE research is also available in the form of interactive visualisations that display learning loss in different scenarios for different grade cohorts.

Alternatively, you can view all RISE research on COVID-19.

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