Video: Deliberating for Education Reform in Nigeria

Follow the journey of the political economy of education reform in Nigeria via a series of videos highlighting education summits held by the RISE Programme.


Image of Obi Obiwulu

Obi Obiwulu

African School of Economics

The Political Economy (PE) of Education Reform component of the RISE Nigeria project designed a series of experimental congresses, called Education Summits, between local education stakeholders and the policymakers and government officials overseeing the local education systems.

There were 3 study states chosen – Enugu, Oyo and Jigawa – and in each of these states, 3 study Local Government Areas (LGAs) and 3 control LGAs were selected. For each study LGA, extensive surveys were deployed to ascertain the local state of education (infrastructure and learning) as well as the priorities of carefully mapped stakeholders, chosen from a list of predesignated, predominant local education issues.

Empirical outcomes of these surveys underpinned deliberations in the subsequent Education Summits between these demand-side stakeholders and the supply side (government/policymakers). In each Summit, a resolution across the aisle for addressing selected education challenges was embodied in a Social Contract, which was signed by the lead government representative as a show of commitment.

Post-Summit gatherings in each of these LGAs were organised, inviting the same parties to gauge progress since the Education Summits, and aiming to further engender commitments for education reform.

In these videos, Obi Obiwulu charts the journey of the RISE PE project in Enugu, Oyo, and Jigawa states, with some interesting turns along the way.

Enugu State

Travel with the RISE project across the hills of Enugu, to the places where the education problems lie, and to the places where, through the project, they would be addressed.

Oyo State

Through the rich foliage of Oyo, journey with the RISE project across communities with strong aspirations for quality education, but with little means for achieving it; and to the conversations for meeting these challenges head-on.

Jigawa State

Climb with the RISE project on the rocks of Jigawa, and towards the local goals for improving their systems of education.

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