Research on Education Systems: A Beginner’s Guide to RISE Research

Our list of key RISE products offers a quick way to get up to speed with core RISE messages and evidence.


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Kirsty Newman


A colleague recently asked me for a list of resources for someone who wanted to understand the key messages and evidence from the RISE Programme. It’s a great question—RISE has produced so much research that it can be difficult for people to know where to start. I produced the list below of (mainly) shorter synthesis-type blogs, papers, webinar recordings, and other RISE products. I hope this will be helpful for anyone who wants to understand some key themes but doesn't have weeks to read all the primary research!

My recommended RISE 101 resources

The learning crisis is bad, and it’s been getting worse, not better (even before COVID)

What are foundational skills?

In addition, if you are a podcast person I highly recommend checking out the RISE podcast. The podcast features some of the leading thinkers on global education and gives them the opportunity to present the story behind the research.

And if you are writing a business case, briefing, or speech on an education topic, you might want to look at the Edsyclopedia more generally. It has good summaries of various topics with comprehensive referencing, and its policy brief builder is a great source of key figures and diagrams.

I hope this collection is helpful to people! Please note that in June we will be publishing the RISE Policy Brochure which will summarise the key emerging policy messages from RISE research with links to the supporting research. Sign up here for RISE newsletters so you will be notified when it is published—and get all the other RISE news straight to your inbox.

RISE blog posts and podcasts reflect the views of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the organisation or our funders.