RISE is developing a series of practical tools and approaches that can be used by researchers, implementers, advisors, and policymakers to foster systems change.

These include:

Ed•sy•clopedia: The education systems wiki is a stable, cumulative, collaborative wiki for synthesised research on education systems.

Learning trajectories describe and model how much children learn over time. They are a powerful way to simulate the potential impact of different actions and policies on learning.

​​Interactive data visualisations to illustrate potential learning losses caused by COVID-19 school closures in low- and middle-income countries.

The RISE system diagnostic aims to facilitate and support Government actors in selecting high-level strategic reform priorities to improve learning, based on the latest education systems research.

The Surveys of Enacted Curriculum (SEC) methodology is an educational research tool for analysing alignment among different components of academic content, such as curriculum standards, classroom instruction, and assessments.

The education systems course is an open-access, cross-university curriculum for graduate-level students interested in education policy, planning, and reform to deliver learning for all.