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Developing Management: An Expanded Evaluation Tool for Developing Countries


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Daniela Scur

Cornell University

This RISE Working Paper, authored by Renata Lemos and Daniela Scur (RISE Research Communications Officer), describes the development of an expanded survey tool based on the existing World Management Survey (WMS) instrument, which is tailored to research in the public sector of developing countries (Development WMS). The authors collected detailed data from pilots in India and Mexico using face-to-face interviews in settings where weak management practices prevail and observe more variation in the left tail of the distribution. Using this data, Lemos and Scur present a brief discussion of the type of data that can be collected and explored with the expanded tool, including three new processes used to systematically measure the strength of each management area in the WMS: (1) process implementation, (2) process usage, (3) process monitoring. The tool developed in this paper will help measure management practises in schools in developing countries, and contribute to the RISE research agenda, that urges a more holistic view of education systems in a "systems framework".

* Please note this paper has been updated from the original version released in 2016.

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Lemos, R. and Scur, D. 2016. Developing Management: An Expanded Evaluation Tool for Developing Countries. 16/007.