Phuong Nguyen

Phuong Thi Lan Nguyen

Dr. Phuong Thi Lan Nguyen is a Co-Investigator for the RISE Vietnam team and an associate professor and senior researcher at the Vietnam Institute of Educational Sciences. Her expertise and research focuses on education and training programmes towards competency-based teaching, student competency assessment, classroom assessment, national and international outcome assessment, equity in access, and equity in educational outcomes. She is a secretary/member of the Project of Fundamental and Comprehensive Renovation of Education and Training in Vietnam (2013-2030), General Education Program Renovation (2012-2025), and Educational Strategy Development (2021-2030). She is a Principal Investigator/Chief Investigator of a number of large-scale national and international projects including RISE (2017-2022); a project on improving the quality of the education evaluation systems in seven low-income countries, funded by Russia Education Aid Development and the World Bank (2010-2015); a project on developing a toolkit to evaluate the development of national education and training; a project to evaluate the intellectual development of high school students; and a project analysing the factors affecting the learning results of mathematics and the Vietnamese language of 5th grade (2011 and 2014), 9th grade (2012 and 2014), and 11th grade (2015 and 2019). She is also an expert of the quality assessment of preschool and general education, and the evaluation of national education curriculum.



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