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Karen Mundy

Karen Mundy is a member of the RISE Intellectual Leadership Team. She is a Professor of International and Comparative Education at the University of Toronto (cross-appointed to the Munk School of Global and Public Affairs) and a leading expert on education in the developing world. As Chief Technical Officer at the Global Partnership for Education, the world’s largest global fund providing more than $500 million per year to 67 developing countries, she led the development of GPE’s Strategic Plan 2015-2020, its Gender Equality Strategy, its Results FrameworkMonitoring and Evaluation Strategy (2015-2020), and the publication of GPE’s first two Results Reports.  At the University of Toronto, Dr. Mundy has been a Canada Research Chair (2002-2012) and the Associate Dean of Research and Innovation (2012-2014). She was the President of the  Comparative and International Education Society (2014-2015). Her research has covered the global politics of “education for all”; educational policy and reform in Sub-Saharan Africa; and the role of civil society organisations in educational change. She has published six books and more than five dozen articles and book chapters, and is a contributor to dozens of policy papers and reports. She is a two-time winner of the Bereday award for best article in the Comparative Education Review (1998, 2015). 




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