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  1. A new (inspiring!) Andrabi, Das and Khwaja working paper goes beyond the "are private schools good or bad" debate. Using evidence from four experiments in Pakistan that alleviate barriers in information, credit, and teacher labor markets, the authors offer a "pragmatic framework" that demonstrates how improving environments for schools and parents can improve outcomes for children. 
  2. Silvia Montoya at UNSECO gets practical about learning goals.
  3. Ricardo Hausmann reminds us that education doesn't lead to growth.
  4. In a new review of Glewwe's edited volume Education Policy in Developing Countries, the authors point out a lack of focus on system reforms. (Via @tukopamoja)
  5. How to start a movement: Ruth Levine on the spread of Pratham_India -style learning assessment across the world. 
  6. More evidence that learning levels are declining in India.
  7. School choice (i.e., vouchers) comes to Nevada. As an alternative to public school, parents get approximately $5,000 per child for private or home school.

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