The World Education Forum in Incheon (Education Links)


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1.  The World Education Forum happened in May in Incheon, South Korea.

  • Delegates signed a declaration reinforcing their commitment to achieving SDG 4 (“inclusive and equitable quality education”) by 2030.
  • Pauline Rose is focused on the part of the Incheon declaration that “no target should be considered met unless met for all,” with its implicit focus on the most marginalized. 
  • NORRAG focused on financing — new results-based financing from the World Bank, and discussions about a Global Fund for Education.
  • Despite the focus on gender equality, one of the sessions even made the all-male-panels tumblr

2.  The learning crisis has officially become mainstream, evidenced by a recent piece in the New York Times, featuring our own Justin Sandefur. Jim Kim blogged about it during his Incheon visit. Reflecting back, Amber Gove (Research Director at RTI) reviews the learning crisis through the experience of early grade reading assessments. 

3.  Private school enrolments in Peru have doubled in six years.

4.  In Colombia, a private investment fund is investing in people — making a reality of the idea of human capital contracts which dates back through Milton Friedman and Gary Becker all the way to Adam Smith.

5.  The philosophers at the School of Life ask “What’s Education For?"

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