Video: PAL Network Conference 2019 - Rukmini Banerji Keynote Address


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Rukmini Banerji

Intellectual Leadership Team

RISE Intellectual Leadership Team

PAL Network Conference - Ensuring All Children Learn: Lessons on Inclusion and Equity from the South (Rukmini Banerji Keynote Address)

RISE Intellectual Leadership Team member Rukmini Banerji was invited to give a keynote address on 5 November at the 2019 PAL Network Conference in Kathmandu, Nepal. As a "Godmother" of the PAL Network and CEO of Pratham, Banerji took a moment to look back at the beginning of the PAL Network and why the organisation was established. Relating to Pratham, Banerji focused on the need to identify the problems on the ground and to understand it in a way that everyone could understand, from the parents to those who interact with the children. She further emphasised the need to get to the core of what children need. Concluding, Banerji highlighted the three things that are needed to go from spreading the understanding of the problem to spreading the power of the solution: persistence, an unending source of passion, and a large dose of practicality.

Thank you to the PAL Network and Pratham for allowing us to cross-post the video.

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