Video: PAL Network Conference 2019 - Lant Pritchett Keynote Address

Lant Pritchett

PAL Network Conference - Ensuring All Children Learn: Lessons on Inclusion and Equity from the South (Lant Pritchett Keynote Address)

RISE Research Director Lant Pritchett gave a keynote address on 5 November at the 2019 PAL Network Conference in Kathmandu, Nepal. The address focused on what Pritchett termed The Great Betrayal: children have been promised a bright future if they attended school, yet in a large number of places the schooling has not provided even the most basic of skillsets needed to succeed in the workplace. After presenting evidence to support the statement, Pritchett concluded with a question for the audience, "How does one set about a disruptive change when the market is dominated by a public sector that is delusional about where it is and it's delusional about what's possible?"

Thank you to the PAL Network and Pratham for allowing us to cross-post the video.

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