Commit to Universal, Early Foundational Learning: Our Message for Week 2 of the Focus to Flourish Campaign

Week 2 of our messaging campaign centres on the necessity of committing to universal, early foundational learning in order to accelerate progress in learning worldwide.


Image of Lillie Kilburn

Lillie Kilburn

RISE Directorate

Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford

Why is it so important to commit to universal, early foundational learning?

A commitment to universal, early, conceptual, and procedural mastery of foundational skills in literacy and numeracy is an ambitious and forward-looking goal: if children do not gain foundational learning in the short term, they cannot attain more complex educational goals in the long term.

But learning for all will require all for learning; education systems must fully commit to foundational learning as a central purpose.

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Join us on social media (#FromSchoolingToLearning) as we highlight the importance of committing to foundational learning, in addition to other actions needed to accelerate progress in learning. Download our Week 2 social media toolkit (.zip), or look up all five actions on our campaign page.

Graphic showing skills as bricks where advanced skills fall downwithout foundational skills on which to place them

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