Picture of Mesele Araya

Mesele Araya is an Assistant Professor of Economics of Education and Health at Addis Ababa University. Before joining Addis Ababa University, he worked as a Research Associate for Young Lives Ethiopia, a project that tracks the lives of 3,000 children, produces research, and generates evidence to help policymakers design programs that matter for children and their families. His role in this project was particularly to undertake impact evaluation of several social programs and identify the culpable factors that result in educational inequality among children and young people. Likewise, as a lead field Researcher for Gender and Adolescence Global Evidence (GAGE), a study that aims to generate new evidence (with mixed-strategies) on ‘what works’ to transform the lives of underprivileged adolescent girls, he successfully supervised the overall GAGE baseline quantitative survey and liaised with Oversea Development Institute (ODI) and George Washington University. Mesele has a PhD in Human Capital Development from University of Bergamo (Italy) and MSc in Economic Policy Analysis from Addis Ababa University.  He has also published extensively on issues related to educational inequality, poverty and inequality, social protection and youth labor market in Africa.