RISE Annual Conference 2019

Center for Global Development, Washington, DC
RISE Annual Conference 2019


RISE is a large scale, multi-country research programme developed to answer the question: “How can education systems be reformed to deliver better learning for all?” The RISE Programme Annual Conferences bring together high-profile academics and policymakers for two days of lively debate.

Over the course of this year's event, the conference will feature technical presentations by RISE team members and invited speakers in various themed sessions. There will also be an invited panel session on Day 1 and a lunchtime panel session on Day 2. 

Conference Livestream

Day 1 - June 19

Day 2 (morning) - June 20

Day 2 (afternoon) - June 20


Conference Programme

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

08.30  Registration & Coffee
09:00  Session I: Learning Inequalities and Social Mobility

Chair: Justin Sandefur (Center for Global Development, RISE)

Test Scores and Educational Opportunities: Panel Evidence from Five Countries

Presenter: Abhijeet Singh (Stockholm School of Economics, RISE)

Co-authors: Jishnu Das (The World Bank, RISE) and Andres Yi Chang (The World Bank)

The Strength of Weak Ties: Indirect Exposure to Colonial Education and Intergenerational Mobility in Benin

Presenter: Leonard Wantchekon (Princeton University, African School of Economics, RISE)

Long-Term and Intergenerational Effects of Education: Evidence from School Construction in Indonesia

Presenter: Marieke Kleemans (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Co-authors: Richard Akresh (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) and Daniel Halim (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

What We Learn about Girls’ Education from Interventions that Don’t Focus on Girls

Presenter: David Evans (Center for Global Development)

Co-author: Fei Yuan (Harvard University)

10:30  Break
11.00  Session II: Demand-side Accountability

Chair: Clare Leaver (Blavatnik School of Government at the University of Oxford, RISE)

Simulating Learning Trajectories: A Formal Model for Learning Profiles

Presenter: Michelle Kaffenberger (RISE)

Co-author: Lant Pritchett (Blavatnik School of Government at the University of Oxford, RISE)

Strengthening Local Governance of Schools: Evidence from Pakistan

Presenter: Minahil Asim (University of California Davis)

School-based Management in Ugandan Primary Schools

Presenter: Sarah Kabay (New York University, Elevate: Partners in Education)

Long(er) Term Impacts of a Report Card Intervention

Presenter: Jishnu Das (The World Bank, RISE)

Co-authors: Tahir Andrabi (Pomona College, RISE) and Asim Khwaja (Harvard University, RISE)

12.30  Lunch
13.30  Session III: Demand-side Preferences

Chair: David Evans (Center for Global Development)

Pricing Private Education in Urban India: Demand, Use and Impact

Presenter: Priya Mukherjee (College of William and Mary)

Co-author: James Berry (University of Delaware)

(Not) Playing Favorites: An Experiment on Parental Preferences for Educational Investment

Presenter: Maulik Jagnani (Cornell University)

Co-authors: James Berry (University of Delaware) and Rebecca Dizon-Ross (University of Chicago)

Can Scholarships Increase High School Graduation Rates? Evidence from a Randomized Control Trial in Mexico

Presenter: Rafael de Hoyos (The World Bank)

Co-authors: Orazio Attanasio (University College London) and Costas Meghir (Yale University)

Long-Term Impacts of Alternative Approaches to Increase Schooling: Experimental Evidence from a Scholarship Program in Cambodia

Presenter: Felipe Barrera-Osorio (Harvard University)

Co-authors: Andreas de Barros (Harvard University) and Deon Filmer (The World Bank, RISE)

15:00  Break
15:30  Session IV: System Innovation

Chair: Lant Pritchett (Blavatnik School of Government at the University of Oxford, RISE)

“All for Education”: Meeting the Governance Challenge

Presenter: Brian Levy (Johns Hopkins University, University of Cape Town)

Accountability and Trust: Two Sides of the Same Coin?

Presenter: Melanie Ehren (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

Co-authors: Andrew Paterson (JET Education Services) and Jacqueline Baxter (Open University)

Scaling up Successfully: Lessons from Kenya’s Tusome National Literacy Program

Presenters: Benjamin Piper (RTI International) and Joseph DeStefano (RTI International)

Co-authors: Esther M. Kinyanjui (Ministry of Public Service Youth and Gender Affairs, State Department of Public Service and Youth), Salome Ong’ele (RTI International)

Why Do Some Education Reforms End Before They Begin? A Case Study of an Initiative to Install Cameras in Classrooms in Delhi, India

Presenter: Rashmi Menon (Evidence Action)

Co-authors: Alejandro Ganimian (New York University) and Urmi Bhattacharya

17:00   Break
17.15   Invited Session: Hard Choices: From Long Lists to Prioritised Action

Moderated by Karen Mundy (University of Toronto)

Invited speaker: Dr Kwabena Tandoh [Deputy Director General, (Quality & Access) Ghana Education Service]

18.30    Drinks Reception


Thursday, 20 June 2019

08.30  Registration & Coffee
09:00  Session V: Measurement and Methods Morning

Chair: Clare Leaver (Blavatnik School of Government at the University of Oxford, RISE)

Managing for Learning: (In)Coherence in Education Systems in Latin America

Presenter: Melissa Adelman (The World Bank)

Co-authors: Renata Lemos (The World Bank), Reema Nayar (The World Bank), Maria Jose Vargas (The World Bank)

Measuring Human Capital

Presenter: Noam Angrist (University of Oxford, The World Bank)

Co-authors: Simeon Djankov (London School of Economics, The World Bank), Pinelopi K. Goldberg (Yale University, The World Bank), Harry A. Patrinos (The World Bank)

Cheating at National Exams in Indonesia: How Big is the Problem?

Presenter: Emilie Berkhout (University of Amsterdam, RISE)

Co-authors:  Menno Pradhan (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, University of Amsterdam, Tinbergen Institute, RISE), Rahma Wati (Center for Educational Assessment, Indonesia Ministry of Education and Culture, RISE), Daniel Suryadarma (SMERU Research Institute, RISE), Arya Swarnata (SMERU Research Institute)

Impossible Generalisations: Meta-Analyses of Education Interventions in International Development

Presenter: Edoardo Masset (Center of Excellence in Development Impact and Learning and London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine)

10:30  Break
11.00  Session VI: Human Resources

Chair: Justin Sandefur (Center for Global Development, RISE)

Cumulative Risk and Newly Qualified Teachers’ Professional Well-being: Evidence from Rural Ghana

Presenter: Syeda Farwa Fatima (University of Pennsylvania)

Co-author: Sharon Wolf (University of Pennsylvania)

Teachers or Students? The Effects of Giving and Removing Incentives in Public and Private Schools in Tanzania

Presenter: Shwetlena Sabarwal (The World Bank, RISE)

Co-authors: Deon Filmer (The World Bank, RISE) and James Habyarimana (Georgetown University, RISE)

Recruitment, Effort, and Retention Effects of Performance Contracts for Civil Servants: Experimental Evidence from Rwandan Primary Schools

Presenter: Andrew Zeitlin (Georgetown University, RISE)

Co-authors: Clare Leaver (Blavatnik School of Government at the University of Oxford, RISE), Owen Ozier (The World Bank), Pieter Serneels (University of East Anglia, RISE)

Misallocation of State Capacity? Evidence from Two Million Primary Schools

Presenter: Torsten Figueiredo Walter (London School of Economics)

12.30  Lunch
12.45  Lunchtime Panel: Big Efforts in Education

Moderated by Laura Savage (UK's Department for International Development)

Panelist: Pinelopi Koujianou Goldberg (Chief Economist, World Bank Group)

Panelist: Raphaelle Martinez (Team Lead–Education Policy and Learning, Global Partnerships for Education)

Panelist: Bronwen Magrath (Research Fellow, Oxford University's Centre for Comparative and International Education)

13.45  Session VII: Inside the Classroom I (Harnessing Technology)

Chair: Pieter Serneels (University of East Anglia, RISE)

Improving Schooling Productivity through Computer-Aided Personalization: Experimental Evidence from Rajasthan

Presenter: Karthik Muralidharan (University of California, San Diego, RISE)

Co-author: Abhijeet Singh (Stockholm School of Economics, RISE)

Beyond the Basics: Improving Post-Primary Content Delivery through Classroom Technology

Presenter: Sabrin Beg (University of Delaware)

Co-authors: Adrienne M. Lucas (University of Delaware), Waqas Halim (IT University Lahore), Umer Saif (IT University Lahore)

Does Gamification in Education Work? Experimental Evidence from Chile

Presenter: Julian Cristia (Inter-American Development Bank)

Co-authors: Roberto Araya (Universidad de Chile), Elena Arias Ortiz (Inter-American Development Bank), Nicolas Bottan (Cornell University)

The Effect of an E-Reader Intervention on Literacy: Girlsread! Zambia

Presenter: Barbara Mensch (Population Council)

Co-authors: Nicole Haberland, Erica Soler-Hampejsek, Jean Digitale, Natalie Jackson Hachonda, Nachela Chelwa, Pamela Nyirenda, Erica Chuang, Lisa Polen, Stephanie R. Psaki, Nkomba Kayeyi, Michael T. Mbizvo (all Population Council)

15:00  Break
15:30  Session VIII: Inside the Classroom II (Good Teachers and Good Teaching)

Chair: Luis Crouch (RTI International, RISE)

Primary School Class Value-Added in Vietnam

Presenter: Paul Glewwe (University of Minnesota, RISE)

Co-authors: Sonia Krutikova (The Institute for Fiscal Studies, RISE), Lina Cardona Sosa (The Institute for Fiscal Studies), Pedro Carneiro (University College London and Institute for Fiscal Studies, RISE), Nancy Colombe (The Institute for Fiscal Studies, RISE), Jongwook Lee (University of Minnesota, RISE)

Para-Teachers Delivering Supplementary Lessons in Rural Primary Schools: Evidence on Impact and Scalability from a Cluster RCT in the Gambia

Presenter: Alex Eble (Columbia University)

Co-authors: Momodou Bah (Effective Intervention), Peter Boone (Effective Intervention), Baboucarr Bouy (Effective Intervention), Alpha Camara (Effective Intervention), Jenny Hsieh (University of Oxford), Maitri Sivaraman (Effective Intervention)

The Sustainability of Early Education Interventions: Do Learning Gains and Improved Teacher Practices Persist?

Presenter: Jacobus Cilliers (Georgetown University, RISE)

Co-authors: Brahm Fleisch (University of Witwatersrand), Janeli Kotze (Department of Basic Education, South Africa), Mpumi Mohohlwane (Department of Basic Education, South Africa), Stephen Taylor (Department of Basic Education, South Africa)

Tackling Teachers’ Behaviour and School Governance for Learning in Primary Education in Ethiopia

Presenter: Alebel Bayrau Weldesilassie (Ethiopian Development Research Institute, RISE)

Co-authors: Tassew Woldehanna (Addis Ababa University, RISE), Moses Oketch (University College London, RISE), Ricardo Sabates (University of Cambridge, RISE)

17:00  Closing Remarks






If you have any questions regarding the conference, email correspondence can be directed to the RISE communications team (rise@bsg.ox.ac.uk).



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