RISE Annual Conference 2019

Center for Global Development, Washington, DC
RISE Annual Conference 2019


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Countries made dramatic progress on schooling goals with systems that were coherent around the expansion of schooling. To achieve learning goals, systems of basic education need to construct relationships of accountability and support that are coherent around expanding learning for all—and these do not currently exist in many countries. RISE is seeking to diagnose why such incoherencies exist and to propose therapeutic solutions that are evidentially supported, analytically grounded, and contextually adapted.

The 2019 RISE Conference will cover both diagnostic and therapeutic themes. Presentations will draw on research undertaken in existing RISE countries—Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Tanzania, and Vietnam—plus, a new RISE research country. Additionally, external researchers will present findings in key areas of education systems.

Focus areas of this year's conference:

  • Demand for education – What are stakeholders demanding from education systems? Can stakeholders provide demand-side accountability that drives up education quality?
  • Learning inequalities and social mobility – How should we measure learning to draw meaningful comparisons across groups and countries, and over time? Where do learning inequalities exist, and why? How, and to what extent, can more equitable learning contribute to better life outcomes?
  • Inside the classroom – What is being taught in classrooms? Which curricula and teaching methods are proving in/effective?
  • Innovation – Are education systems generating, evaluating, and scaling innovations in learning, and if not, why not?

If you are interested in attending the conference, please visit the RISE website and fill in the online form (or click the link below). Email correspondence can be directed to the RISE communications team (rise@bsg.ox.ac.uk). General attendees will be notified of a conference place from April 2019.



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