COVID-19 School Closures May Further Widen the Inequality Gaps between the Advantaged and the Disadvantaged in Ethiopia

This blog was written by Dawit Tibebu Tiruneh, Research Associate at the REAL Centre, University of Cambridge and member of the RISE Ethiopia research programme. This blog is part of a series reflecting on the impacts of the current COVID-19 pandemic on research work on international education and development published on the

Inequality of Knowledge Acquisition and Learning Assessments: Insights from the Data

The RISE Programme sees equity in education as fundamental. Key stakeholders in the international education community are re-focusing on learning and the equality (or inequality) of its distribution. The Sustainable Development Goals, more so than the Millennium Development Goals, put explicit emphasis on equity. The UK’s Department for International Development, the main sponsor of RISE, has also had a long-term interest in equity.