Guinea Worm and the ABCs: What Can Education Learn from Health?

Guinea worm disease may soon be eradicated from the earth—only a few cases remain. In some eradication efforts, it has become so difficult to find new cases, that data informants are paid more and more (see amounts here) to report the cases that remain: fewer cases, higher reward for finding one. The disease is being wiped out through scarcity-induced reporting incentives.

Can the Recommendations of the Education Commission Report Lead to Real Gains?

As Caine Rolleston pointed out in a recent RISE blog, education is complicated and the existing body of research into how to improve things is very scant on evidence for educational interventions that have large and reliable improvements on outcomes. This makes it difficult for policymakers, donors, etc., to know how to make a difference and hard for the research community to be heard convincingly in the policy arena.