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Pratham and Banerji Inspires New CGD Blog by Nancy Birdsall - ©Sandeep.jgupta

Power to the Plan - image ©College of DuPaul Culinary School; Creative Commons license,

RISE in Ethiopia - image © Young Lives/Antonio Fiorente

Ethiopia Research Overview Box - image © Young Lives/Antonio Fiorente

Ethiopia Country Research Team box - image © Young Lives/Antonio Fiorente

RISE in Indonesia box - image © Hastuti/SMERU

Indonesia Research Overview box - image © Rachma Nurbani/SMERU

Indonesia Country Research Team box - image © Lina Rozana/SMERU

Image Carousel - Daniel Surydarma at the IDF event - image © Mukti Mulyana

Image Carousel - Vietnam CRT Advisory Board Meeting - image © Lan Phuong Nguyen


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