New Job Opening for RISE: Research Fellow (Management and Teachers)

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The RISE Programme is a multi-country research programme generating evidence on how systems of education in developing countries can deliver learning for all. As RISE begins its fourth year, it is entering a new stage in which the academic research from the country research political economy teams will be synthesised into thematic messages with policy lessons.

To achieve these ambitious objectives, RISE is establishing a “theme team” to conduct this work. Members of the theme team will work under the direction of the RISE research director and research manager to synthesize the findings of ongoing RISE research (and research of others). The team will produce an array of high-quality products including papers, blogs, and policy briefs that are organised around a conceptual framework to communicate thematic messages. 

The RISE Research Fellow (Management and Teachers) will focus on the critical role that frontline providers (school administrators and teachers) play in determining children’s education outcomes. This covers the relationship between government and frontline providers, and between school leadership and teachers, which we collectively refer to as “management”. It also includes teacher behaviour and practices. Specific topics it may cover (but is not limited to) include: design of recruitment and compensation schemes for teachers, the design and execution of support services and training for teachers, schemes for managing and motivating teacher performance, and tools for measuring teacher level outcomes. While this is the focus of the role, candidates should be willing to contribute to work on any of the topics in the RISE agenda as priorities and needs may shift over the course of the project.

The successful candidate will need a Master’s degree in a relevant subject, as well as having significant work experience in international development, economics, political science, public policy, education, or a related field. The candidate is required to have training in micro-economic theory, game theory, and econometrics, or other relevant technical training and skills, together with experience with international development and/or international education research. It is also key to have familiarity with the literature in the field and experience with specific topics related to management and teachers.

The main duties are to develop research questions and conduct individual research related to RISE work on management and teachers, including advanced analysis of qualitative and quantitative data from multiple sources.

The candidate will need to take responsibility for the management and teachers thematic area of RISE and lead synthesis of RISE research findings on this topic. This will involve preparing working theories, reviewing and refining theories as appropriate, and adapting existing and developing new research methodologies and materials. Other duties will be to build relationships with country research teams and political economy research teams and to identify and draw out connections between their work and emerging RISE themes.

The Programme also expects the candidate to contribute to wider project planning, including identifying gaps in the RISE research agenda, proposing research projects that could fill these gaps, and executing these plans. This may involve raising research funds through grant applications and managing independent areas of the larger research budget.

The candidate should have outstanding communication, organisational, interpersonal skills, and professionalism with the ability to engage with senior colleagues and stakeholders.

For further details about this position please consult the job description.

This post is fixed-term for 3 years (due to external funding).

The closing date for this post is 12.00 noon UK time on Monday, 15 April 2019. To apply, visit the University of Oxford website. 


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