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Jonathan London Interviewed by BBC Vietnam

In an interview with BBC Vietnam, Jonathan London (member of the Vietnam Country Research Team) discusses the idea of importing education from Finland, how Vietnam's education reform is more effective, and how there is a "golden opportunity" for education in Vietnam.

The interview has been recorded in…

RISE Launches in Indonesia

The Launching of the RISE Programme in Indonesia: Evaluating How Teacher Reforms in Decentralised Indonesia Can Promote Learning Gains

This event aims to introduce the RISE Programme in Indonesia, an education research program led by The SMERU Research Institute. SMERU is partnering with the Amsterdam…

Amanda Beatty

RISE Indonesia CRT Presents at the RISE Annual Conference 2017

Amanda Beatty from Mathematica Policy Research gives an overview of the work being undertaken by a RISE Country Research Team in Indonesia.


Tassew Woldehanna

Tassew Woldehanna of Addis Ababa University, and Team Leader of the Ethiopia Country Research Team (CRT), gives a presentation on the research that the CRT will undertake for the RISE Programme.

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The RISE Country Research Teams in Vietnam, Pakistan, India, and Tanzania discuss how their findings and policy implications can be transferred across different contexts and countries.

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The RISE Country Research Teams from Vietnam, Pakistan, India, and Tanzania share their thoughts on the key findings that they hope to discover during their research.

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The RISE Country Research Teams in Vietnam, Pakistan, India, and Tanzania talk about the importance of their research to inform policy change.

RISE Images

A selection of images that includes the RISE Annual Conference, our Country Research Team events, and the RISE Intellectual Leadership Team meetings.